Born out of a first adventure, called Africafoot, the UVS International School in Mali is the result of a lot of other projects made by the association, in Africa, Asia, Europe and even South America. In partnership with the UNESCO through its « Hope and Solidarity Trough Ball Games » program and sponsored by Cédric Kanté, UVS International School opened in 2008 in Mali, in the village of Sala (in Bamako’s area).



young Malians have received a scholar education


young Malians have received a vocational training 



Since its opening, UVS International School has welcomed young Malians, boys and girls. The aim is to give children, who can’t afford school due to a lack of financial means, a scholar, professional, cultural and sporting education.


formation scolaire

Scholar education


The literary of children thanks to the use of non-formal education given by a specialized professor. The goal is to make them earn the basic school certificate, confirmed by a diploma given by the school. This education will allow kids to acquire the fundamental grounding in order to evolve properly in a professional sector, whatever it is (read, write and count).



formation professionnelle

Vocational training


At the end of the four-year education, every pupil has the opportunity to receive a vocational training, according to their desires and capacities, in an apprenticeship training center in Bamako.



formation sportive

Sports education


Education and insertion through sport such as football, basketball, handball and volleyball. Sport educates children (discipline, respect of values inherent in sport), empowers them to protect their own (physical and mental) health and train them in various disciplines in order to give them some professional opportunities (instructor, teacher, athlete). 



formation culturelle

Cultural formation


Transmission of the Malian cultural wealth and organisation of prevention campaigns (AIDS, hygiene, etc.). Some theatrical and musical activities are also suggested. The formation of a playing company that performs on stage is also a possibility.



This project was supported by the UNESCO, the UCPF (Professional Football Clubs Union), the Alsace region and Strasbourg city.

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